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3D Printing software - Use Simplify3D for best results

3D printing Simplify3D

I have been refining my process and looking to produce the very best parts. Last night I purchased Simplify3D to see if I could get better parts. By using the default settings, but turning off the heated bed because I use BuildTak, I was able to get some great prints.

Here is an example of two parts. One was printed with the medium setting on the Makerbot free software Makerware and the other with Simplify3D at medium. Quite a difference. It looks like it was done on a different printer.

Here are a few more test prints.


Not only was I getting much better parts with just the default settings but it offers even more precise controls and an awesome preview.

I highly recommend it. Free is great but sometimes paying for something is the better way to go. I am extremely happy with the performance and the time savings of getting much better prints without having to spend hours on settings and testing.



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