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Circular Polarizing filter for DJI Phantom 3 & 4

Circular Polarizing Camera Filter add-on for DJI Phantom 3 & 4 Quadcopter Drone

$ 9.95

This Circular Polarizing Filter is an accessory for the ND Filter kits I sell. It is the same shape and works with my plastic press-on rings to hold it onto the Phantom 3's camera. This circular polarizing filter can be used with the ND filters at the same time and is a stackable design.

NOTE: This is the polarizing lens only and does not include the white plastic ring to attach it to the camera, as pictured. This is an add-on filter for the ND filter kits

This filter is Highly Specialized and when used in the air especially during video can create some unwanted artifacts especially when mixing angles to the sun in the same shot. Please experiment with it before depending on it for a critical shot. Circular polarizing filters generally work better with auto-focus cameras.

Use this circular polarizing filter to cut down on glare on horizontal surfaces like snow and water. It will also bring out the blue in the sky. Orient the tab in different directions for different conditions, see below. You can use this in combination with neutral density filters to reduce the amount of light (ND filters) and also reduce glare (polarizing filters). Install with ND filters and measure your exposure with polarizing filter installed because in typical use it lowers your exposure 1 stop to 1.5 stops.

You can also stack the ND filters and the polarizing filters together but you must place the polarizing filter closest to the camera and the ND filter on the outside or you will get really strange effects.

Circular Polarizing Filter for Blocking Glare DJI Phantom 3 and 4 


Use over Snow & Water

Position tab horizontal to block glare on horizontal surfaces great for reducing glare on water and snow.

Circular Polarizing Filter for Blocking Reflections for DJI Phantom 3 and 4

Use near Buildings

Position tab vertical to reduce reflections on vertical surfaces like windows.

Circular Polarizing Filter for Darkening Sky on DJI Phantom 3 and 4

Use to Darken Sky

Experiment with positioning tab on an angle to increase contrast in the sky and bring out a darker blue color. Use the DJI app on your mobile device to preview the difference.

It is a lightweight plastic filter made by laminating special films together it is sourced from Taiwan.

Clean this like any photographic lens, a soft cloth and some lens cleaning solution if needed.

This product includes one polarizing filter only.  It is made to work in conjunction with the 2X ND filter kits or the 3X filter kits

This works with my ND filter kits on all versions of the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter including the Standard, Advanced and Professional versions. It also works with the Phantom 4.

Domestic shipping via First Class Mail within the USA is free. International Shipping outside the USA is $3.36.

30 day - no questions asked  warranty. If you have a problem with your filter within 30 days, contact me and I will send you out a new one or refund your money back if you mail it back.

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